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About Rivercrane Corp.
Corporate name RiverCrane Corp.
Established January 7, 2002
Shop name Webike® Japan
President & CEO Koki Shinano
Location Corporate Headquarter
Toei Mishuku Building 6F, 1-13-1 Mishuku, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Yokohama Office
1-5-6 Katsuradai, Aoba-ku,Yokohama-City, Kanagawa, Japan

Yokohama Fulfillment Center
6-8-26, Chuorinkan-Nishi, Yamato-City, Kanagawa, Japan

Unit 2001 , Floor 20 , Havana Tower ,132 Ham Nghi Street , District 01 , Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
About Webike Japan
 Welcome to Webike Japan! Webike is an online s tore of the motorcycle parts and accessories that managed Rivercrane corp. Our store offer you so many variety of motorcycle parts and accessories of HONDA, SUZUKI, KAWASAKI, YAMAHA, DUCATI, BWM, TRIUMPH, KTM, e.t.c. Products – Custom parts such as mufflers and suspension – Goods such as jackets and pants – Consumables such as oil and brake pads – Tires – Tools – Off-Road Equipment – Spare parts “Webike” is a mega store that can buy goods needed for motorcycle life. “Webike” has many Customer reviews. There is a variety of products impressions, so we hope they will be helpful to your shopping. “Customer reviews” is seen by so many people. Please post your own reviews.

About Webike Division
 Webike e-commerce business manages stores mainly making sales plans, buying stock goods, making inventory strategy, securing sales area, attracting customers and conducting sales promotion etc. The Webike Division has departments for each role above, and the sum of them creates the business performance of Webike. Webike’s merchandiser chooses and selects the information in order to link manufacturers and customers with products. The annual sales volume of Japanese motorcycles has declined to under 400,000 in recent years. On the other hand, Webike has continued to expand sales against the contraction of the market since its foundation of 2000. The company started as a retail site for domestic use and has increased a number of sites step by step.

About Global Division
 The global division is engaged in overseas sales such as sales of motorcycle parts that are distributed in Japan, development of destinations from where we can import overseas parts, and strategy planning and execution control as a hub of overseas bases across countries. Among them, the team in charge of overseas sales creates shops that is the base of e-commerce, creates contents, attracts customers, conducting sales promotion, corresponds customers, and translates local languages of each country so that customers around the world can purchase with confidence. At overseas bases, we have implemented all measures to expand market share and are investigating countries that are still undeveloped by us but have some market potentialities. The current Webike global service is mainly aiming at shopping. Our goal is to provide environment that allows people in every country to easily use high quality and secure web services specialized in motorcycles.